Bodycise in Hereford is a Women ONLY Gym. Workout in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere - run by and for women.

The Circuit Work Out

3 circuits of 30 second intervals to work out for 30 minutes, giving you a complete all over body work out. Using cardio, resistance and strengthening exercise equipment with recovery boards alternating with the equipment.

The Equipment

8 pieces of equipment and 8 recovery boards
Recovery Boards .
You will perform either high, moderate or low intensity aerobic work out exercise moves, the boards will alternate between the equipment.
Multigym x2 - Strength training and toning. It will work your shoulders, back, arms, pecs, stomach and legs. Cross Trainer - low impact work out whilst exercising upper and lower body muscle groups. Bicep Curl - Strengthening and toning the bicep muscle in the upper arm. Abdominal Glider - Uses the core muscles, strengthens the stomach muscles. Vibration Plate - Contracts and relaxes the muscles through the vibration, increases blood flow, reduces cellulite and tones muscles. Air Rower - Total body work out, using upper and lower muscles in equal proportions. Abdominal Cruncher- Improves core strength and stability.

Additional Equipment

Treadmill x2
Excellent for the cardiovascular system, muscle toning and an all over body work out.
Spinning Bike
High energy fat burner the harder you work the better the results.

Facilities at Bodycise
Fresh drinking Cold/Hot water machine
Comfortable changing rooms
Hair dryer
Bodycise Merchandise
Gift Vouchers